grok album artwork by anita bednarek



all my work is process driven and concerned with mark-making, patterns and texture.


i come from a textile design background and although textiles often serve as an inspiration for me, i now solely work on paper.


in most cases a mark - sometimes more accidental, gestural, sometimes more controlled -  created in a chosen medium can be a starting point of the piece and sets a theme for the work and the subsequent pieces that follow.


a free exploration of the mark making, the inherent qualities of the medium and of the processes will naturally result in a series of works where one piece leads to the next one.


my choice of colour is informed by the current visual inspiration material which often comes from a photograph.


i like to explore the play between free, almost accidental marks and more considered ones.


i am still interested in patterns and repeats but in the course of my personal projects i have realised i enjoy exploring the ways of disturbing the regularity of a pattern while experimenting with different medium and processes.


a photograph can also be a starting point and inspiration for my work and the final piece would be a loose interpretation of that photograph driven as much by the visual (the photograph) as by what is happening on the paper while i work on the picture.


photography is an important research tool for me as it is a quick way to gather visual material with a focus on colour, composition and imagery.


the play between chance, accident and a deliberate mark is very exciting and although i have an idea of the goal i like to see an unexpected outcome.


there is no one particular theme or imagery that i work or always intend to follow however it seems that most of the pieces i have created reflect my fascination with imperfection.


in the recent years the inspiration has been old frescoes (photographed while travelling in asia), collected fragments of old fabrics, embroideries, lace , surfaces of dilapidated buildings (many of them found in poland), graffitti, ephemera, old books and papers with stained pages and faded writing.


it is important for me to look for inspiration in places i have not looked before and to surprise myself.



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